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Smelly Proof bags Xtra large

16 " x 12"

Smelly Proof Storage Bags are intended to produce an"ecosystem" that blocks vapors & oxygen from penetrating or leaving the nylon fortified FDA-approved Poly.  Smelly Proof bags, from the tiniest to biggest come with a double-track zipper seal possible.

Heat Sealable

Smelly Proof bags also have “tear notches” to be used with most all heat and vacuum sealers for freezing foods safely up to 6 months without freezer burn. 

Many Uses:

✓  Food Storage & Freezing

✓  Marinating

✓  Picnic, Beach, Camping & Catering

✓  Storing, Organizing & Traveling

✓  Snacks

✓  Dog Treats and Toys

✓  Ice Packs for Injuries

✓  Organize Jewelry

✓  Cigar & Tobacco Storage

✓  Garden Seeds and Supplies

✓  Emergency Preparedness Items

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