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Montana Ink Street Marker

The MTN Street Marker Ink is a rectangular, 15 x 10 mm marker, filled with alcohol-based permanent ink that is designed to resist abrasion and UV rays. Available in 2 colours: black and red. 

Its valve system allows for excellent paint flow control and helps to avoid overflowing and spills.

It is simple, easy to use design, allows you to open the marker for refilling and changing the tip if necessary.



-Good adhesion.

-Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

-Glossy finish on non-porous surfaces.

-Matt finish on porous surfaces (cardboard, paper, etc.).



Instructions for use:

Before use, shake the marker vigorously (with the cap on) so that the mixer balls mix the paint.

Purge the tip on a surface several times until it is wet with paint.

After use, remember to store it with the cap on.

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