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Original Apple Brand ziplock bags

Original Apple Brand ziplock bags are recyclable and waterproof,  2.5 mil thick  Polyethylene with 100 bags per pack and  FDA and USDA approved for foodservice

  Dimensions are width x height and do not include the zip, ribbing or lip of the bag. Apple Brand ziplock bags available in a large variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and styles ideal for applications that require tiny to small-sized reclosable bags

natural, flexible shape; fits into small places


coin collecting

electronics - protects parts from moisture or chemical contamination

food (FDA approved)

keeps jewellery components separated to avoid scratching & prevents silver from tarnishing

scrapbooking - templates & storage for brads, embellishments, beads, studs, hardware, eyelets, snaps, laces & fibres

packaging for resale

medical - promotes sterilization

prescriptions drugs & pill storage

flower and plant seeds

cosmetics & toiletry bags

dollhouse making - rooms such as kitchen, candy store & garage

cables - keeps loose cords untangled

toy organization; prevents loss & keeps tiny pieces of games & lego sets together

purse organization - receipts, candy, change, makeup & other loose items

garage organization - prevent loss of nails & screws

beads and metal findings organization & storage


stamp collecting

trick or treat bags

birthday party goodie bags

valentine's day candy

sewing - buttons, thimbles, needles & thread

nail art - rhinestones, sparkles, decals


makeup resale

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