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Pipe Screens

Pipe Screens

Pipe screens certainly provide a great way to avoid the problem of getting bits of tobacco or worse yet, a hot ember in your mouth during a smoke which is rather unpleasant! pipe screens come in handy when breaking in a new pipe or smoking herbal blends with large material. Pipe screens are small mesh circles or brass, stainless steel, titanium, or glass. They can be placed at the bottom of the pipes to prevent dottle and tobacco from escaping the bowl into the shank/stem.

We offer a very wide variety of sizes of pipe screens here at Byron Bay Rolling papers, and we offer three different kinds of materials: brass, stainless steel, and glass pipe screens. Brass pipe screens are the most cost-effective. Stainless steel and glass pipe screens (jacks/daisys) offer the cleanest in pipe smoking pleasure.


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 Brass Pipe screens 1.0" 25.4 mm 100 pack
 Brass Pipe screens1.0" 25.4 mm 100 pack   Brass Pipe screens are placed in..
Glass jack pipe screens  x 10
Byron Bay Rolling Papers Glass jack pipe screens 10 Pack Inhance your smoking experience ..
 Brass Pipe screens .625" 15.875mm 100 pack
 Brass Pipe screens .625" 15.875mm 100 pack Getting a piece of tobacco,herbs or a st..
Brass Pipe screens .750" 19mm 100 pack
 Brass Pipe screens .750" 19mm 100 pack   Brass pipe screens are used with ..
Brass Pipe screens .375" 9.5mm  100 pack
 Brass Pipe screens .375" 9.5mm 100  pack   Enhance your smoking exper..
 Brass Pipe screens  .812" 20.58mm 100 pack
Brass Pipe screens  .812" 20.58mm 100 pack If your familiar with dottle then you kno..