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Californian Poppy 50grams


Californian Poppy is a flowering plant in the family Papaveraceae, native to US and Mexico. Related to opium poppy but with less powerful alkaloids.leaves and flowers are dried and smoked. Effect is a mild cannabis like euphoria that can last 10-30 minutes. A concentrated extract of the plant is more potent. May relieve insomnia and anxiety. Used to treat nervous and muscular tension. Alkaloids are different from the opium poppy and, though they have not been thoroughly studied, are not know to be narcotic or addictive. Overdose systems include headaches, hangover like effects the next day and other minor side effects

Botanical Name:  Eschscholzia californica

Size: 50 Grams

Country of Origin: Italy

 Care must be taken when using herbs if unsure consult a professional:



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