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Dried Wild Lettuce 50grams


Leaf and stem

Botanical Name: Lactuca virosa

Size: 50 Grams

Wild lettuce is a plant in the Lactuca genus of the Compositae (sunflower) family, native to Europe. Was used in the 19th century by physicians when opium could not be obtained. Seeds are said to be psychoactive, producing a high similar to opium, but milder. Active constituents are lactucarium (lettuce opium) containing 2% lactucin plus latycerol (taraxasterol) and lactucic acid. The plant is liquidifed in a blender. The resulting liquid is left to evaporate. The residue is then smoked. Dried leaves can be smoked. Beverages are prepared by soaking the leaves in alcohol.


 Care must be taken when using herbs, if unsure consult a professional:



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