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Jane West  Grav Labs Taster

The Jane West Taster is 3" long and made on 12mm cobalt blue tubing. Its slim frame is discreet and portable, and its mouthpiece is tapered to evoke Jane West's sophisticated style. A glass roll stop stabilizes the Taster between uses. No accessories or water are necessary for using this hand pipe.

The  Jane west Taster is Ideal for getting one good hit of your preferred herb this piece is travel sized and fits easily into your pocket or bag. A one-piece tube made of durable borosilicate glass.


  • Length: 3"
  • 12 x 2mm borosilicate glass tubing
  • Roll-stop to prevent accidents
  • Reinforced, angle tooled mouth and bowl
  • Cobalt blue glass with Jane West logo
  • Designed by Jane West, made by GRAV

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