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High and Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges

High and dry mouth-watering lozenges are inspired by Eastern Medicine, High&Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges are made with a proprietary blend of natural herbs and spices that trigger the flow of saliva from the mouth's submandibular glands, providing immediate and lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms commonly related to the use of cannabis and lots of prescription medications.

THC temporarily shuts down the lines of communication between the body nervous system and the mouth's submandibular glands responsible for the producing 70% of saliva in the mouth.

 Each package has 1.65 oz of unmarked, individually packaged lozenges so you can easily and discreetly carry them in your pocket, wallet, or purse.

Does not contain THC or CBD

gluten and sugar-free

naturally sweetened

naturally flavoured



Certified Kosher

FDA compliant

SQF (Safe Quality Food)Level 2 certified

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified

Made Proudly in the USA

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