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Hemp Blunt Wraps and Cones

Hemp blunt Wraps and Cones

Hemp wraps and hemp pre-rolled cones are perfect for those people out there that love their body but still don't want to give up that blunt wrap flavor and feel. Unlike the regular tobacco-based wraps.Our natural hemp wraps are 100% nicotine free and completely non-addictive.Hemp Wraps come in a variety of flavors also featuring a resealable zip-lock bag to keep your Hemp wraps and cones fresh.

Brands including Primal, Juicy jays hemp wraps, Skunk and Kingpin


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Cyclones Hemp Cones
Cyclones Hemp Cones 2 cones per tube   Cyclones Hemp Cones are The newest additi..
Skunk Hemp Wraps
Skunk hemp Wraps   Genuine hemp  tobacco free wraps, Each wrap is folded the pe..
Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps
Juicy Jay's Hemp Wraps   Made by the crew at Juicy jays,These high quality hemp wrap..
Based on 1 reviews.
Kingpin Hemp Wraps
Kingpin Hemp Wraps   4 wraps per pack! Made from all natural hemp, Kingpin slow ..
Based on 1 reviews.