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About Us

About Us


Byron Bay Rolling Papers is your reliable online source for the best rolling papers, pipes Vaporizers, pre-rolled paper and clear cones, hemp wicks, and various other smoking accessories. If you like the power of being able to make your own cigarettes, this is the right place to get all the necessary accessories you need to get started. From tobacco rolling papers to herbal smoking blends, we’ve got all your rolling needs covered to ensure the finest smoking experiences.

We cater to both beginners and experienced smokers.

One of the most important things that we guarantee at Byron Bay Rolling Papers is that we provide the thinnest tobacco rolling papers like RAW Rolling Papers, Elements, DLX, OCB, Smoking, Hempire, Zen, not to mention juicy jays flavoured rolling papers, and brown sugar flavored rolling papers.

Wide selection of smoking herbal blends at Byron Bay Rolling Papers

There are those who like to smoke different types of herbal remedies. Well, we also got your back as we have one of the widest selections of herbal blends to get you going from Primal herbal smoking blend, Honeyrose, and Byron Bay smoking mixtures. Some of the notable elements used in our herbal blends include marshmallow, passion flower, and wild lettuce among many others. There are also some tasty puff flavour drops that you could include in the herbal blends to enhance the flavour of your smoke. Along with our range of Primal herbal cone and herbal wraps, Juicy jays hemp blunts, kingpin and skunk cigar blunts and herbal hookah tobacco.

Our wide range of accessories includes smoking pipes, rolling trays, Cigarette filters, digital scales including brands such as On Balance, Tuff weight, Myco, Jennings and Tanita, pro scale and more, non-stick silicone, herb grinders, stash safes and smell proof storage and many others. If you are looking for ways of enhancing your smoking experience with different types of accessories, then Byron Bay Rolling Papers is the right shop for you. Feel free to go through our website and check out our wide selection of rolling papers, accessories, tasty puff flavour drops, vaporizers and herbal smoking blends. Thanks for making Byron Bay Rolling Papers your choice for the best smoking products.